California Republican Says He Understands Immigrants Because He Was Born in Arizona

Oh yes, he did. Republican California congressman Gary Miller told a group of DREAM Act-eligible students that he, too, understands what it's like to be an immigrant, because he's originally from Arkansas.

"You know, I've talked to a lot of young people like [you]," Miller said. "I mean, I understand the difficulty. Just like I was born in Arkansas. I came here when I was a year old."

Frank Sharry, the executive director of America's Voice, a pro-immigration reform group, told the Washington Post that Miller's response shows how "out of touch" some politicians are when it comes to undocumented immigrants and the struggles they face.

"For him to say, I get your experience, I came from Arkansas to California, as if that is equivalent to a young kid coming from Mexico or El Salvador and growing up in the American school system and having opportunities denied to you because of your family’s immigration status, I mean, oh my God,” Sharry continued. “I’m going from finding it really hilarious to really disturbing.”

Watch the video below: