California Governor Signs Second Portion of DREAM Act

This past weekend, California governor Jerry Brown announced that he had signed the second portion of the state’s DREAM Act or AB 131. This part, which has been described as contentious, allows undocumented students to apply for scholarships financed by the state – as well as aid at state universities, according to The New York Times.

DREAM Act Passes in California!

The Times reports that this part of the bill requires immigrant students to meet the same requirements expected of all other students who are applying for financial aid at state universities. However, the immigrant students reportedly qualify for financial aid only after all other legal residents have applied.

Right now under California law, undocumented immigrant students can pay resident tuition rates if they can prove that they are trying to legalize their immigration status. Another requirement is that they have graduated from a California high school. With Gov. Brown’s signature on Saturday, these students can also apply for state aid. Three months ago, Brown signed the first portion of California’s DREAM Act, which approved private loans and scholarships for those who are undocumented immigrant students.

U.S. Secretary of Education Says DREAM Act Critical for Realizing the Country’s Goals

The New York Times reports that those against the California DREAM Act, which is different from the federal DREAM Act bill, claim it encourages illegal immigration. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the new law takes effect in 2013 and must still be approved by the Regents of the University of California.

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