This Is Happening: Bulletproof School Uniforms

Yes, the world has come to this. Bulletproof school uniforms are being designed for students in the U.S. Colombian tailor, Miguel Caballero, who specializes in designing protective wear in Bogota, recently developed protective kid-sized vests for our schoolchildren.

The business model is fairly simple – society has become more violent and school shootings have become way too frequent. “This way a teacher could tell them to put it on at the start of an incident,” says Caballero, “Much like when you are on a boat and they tell you to put on a life vest.”

The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy has fueled gun control debates, but the political back-and-forth won’t exactly increase school safety for now. While on one note it’s easy to argue that Caballero’s product is simply curing the symptom, we can also say that wearing the product can’t hurt.

Would you feel safer knowing your child was wearing protective gear to school or is this just a bandage for a bigger issue? Watch the video of Caballero’s product below and sound off your thoughts!