Bruce Springsteen Sings Tribute to Víctor Jara, Folksinger Killed After Chilean Coup

The Boss paid a beautiful tribute to a Latino folk musician and political activist at a concert in Chile last Thursday.

Bruce Springsteen dedicated a speech and song to Chilean folksinger Víctor Jara at a concert in Santiago on September 12, the day after the 40th anniversary of the U.S.-backed coupe that overthrew the elected government of Salvador Allende and brought General Pinochet to power.

Jara, a member of the Chilean Communist Party, was brutally killed on September 16, 1973 shortly after General Pinochet came to power. He is one of the best known victims of the right-wing coup.

Springsteen’s powerful tribute was delivered in Spanish. “Chile was in our hearts,” Springsteen said, recalling his participation in the 1988 Amnesty International Human Rights Now! World Tour. The singer drew massive cheers from the crowd, before launching a rendition of Jara’s, “Manifesto.” The song is believed to be the last he wrote before his death. 

Watch the moving video below: