Brazilian Teen Auctions Her Virginity Online to Buy a House

A Brazilian teenager has put her virginity up for auction online for an amount of £265,000 or $371,675 in hopes of buying her mother a house and pay off her college tuition.

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Rosalie Pinho, 19, from Minas Gerais, Brazil claims she is selling her virginity online, according to DailyMail.

The student has a list of rules for bidders on a website, one of them being that the winner must be sober. The highest bidder will be able to spend up to 12 hours with her but must be STI-free 

Pinho, who's never dated anyone said, "At first the idea of sleeping with a complete stranger scared me, but I got used to the idea and I'd rather lose my virginity in this way than with someone who will break my heart."

Since prostitution is legal in Brazil, Pinho does not worry about having her auction up. On May, she will close the auction to the highest bidder, where she hopes her and her family will not have struggle financially anymore.

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Her family does not know of her website but she feels that "It would not affect me much, people's opinions will not help solve my problems [but] the auction is going to. We live in the age of sexual freedom, it's my body, it's my rules."