Brazilian Soccer Player Wakes Up From Coma With No Recollection of Plane Crash

Brazilian Soccer Player Wakes Up From Coma With No Recollection of the Crash
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The surviving member of the Brazilian soccer team killed in a plane crash two weeks ago woke up from a coma this weekend without any memory of the accident.

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Hélio Hermito Zampier Neto was one of six survivors of LaMia Flight 2933 that crashed in the hills of Colombia on November 28 and killed 71 people on board.

Upon waking up, Neto asked who won the final of the Copa Sudamericana and why he wasn't able to play. Doctors and psychologists at the hospital are currently withholding information about the crash from Neto until he is stable. 

The two other surviving Chapecoense players, Alan Ruschel and Jackson Follmann, are returning to Brazil today, but Neto is being held in the hospital due to his condition. Other survivors include flight attendant Ximena Suarez, air craft technician Erwin Timuri and journalist Rafael Valmorbida.

After a member of Colombia's civil aviation authority confirmed that the plane only had had enough fuel to reach its destination, an investigation has been scheduled to fully understand the situation. According to authorities, the plane lacked fuel reserves to perform a successful emergency landing. Pilots had chosen to bypass a scheduled refueling stop earlier in the trip, accoridng to a government official.

Air traffic control audio reports pilots and controllers' discussing a "fuel problem" and "total failure," as well as requests for an emergency landing. The plane's tail clipped the top of a mountain and broke off as it approached José María Córdova International Airport.

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The match was suspended after the crash, but the Chapecoense team was declared the winner last week after Atletico Nacional, their opponent, requested they be awarded with the title.