Thousands Gather in Rio de Janeiro After Brazilian Activist, Marielle Franco, is Assasinated


Wednesday night, Councilwoman Marielle Franco was assassinated on her way home after an event on black woman empowerment.

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Franco was an activist for the disadvantaged and black citizens of Rio de Janeiro and on Wednesday a car pulled alongside her and opened fire, killing her. The Brazilian councilwoman was vocal about police brutality and spoke against the government's military intervention. She won a massive vote in 2016 and was the only black female representative and one of seven women in the 51-seat City Council. As a black, LGBT woman raised in one of Rio's poorest favelas, she became an avid human rights activist.

On the eve of her murder, thousands took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, asking for justice for this powerful warrior.

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Her fight for justice was a beacon of hope for many in Rio. May she rest in power.