Homeless Couple Finds & Returns $10,000 in Cash

What would you do if you found around 10,000 dollars in a bag? What if you were homeless? For one couple in Brazil, this wasn't a hypothetical situation: they found an abandoned bag on a street in Sao Paulo, Brazil filled with 20,000 reais, reports Huffington Post Latino. For them, doing the right thing was a no-brainer: they handed the bag over to authorities. 

Sleeping under a bridge. a place they called home for the past four months, the couple heard an alarm go off. They looked around and found money lying near a bus stop on a main thoroughfare. It was then that they approached a security guard and asked him to call the police to report the bag. 

The couple, who support themselves by selling recyclable trash, said that was their first inclination. Rejaniel Silva Santos, 36, admitted that the only thing he wants is for his mother, who lives in the northern state of Maranhao to see him on television. 

"My mother taught me that I must not steal and to tell the police if I see anyone doing anything (illegal). If she sees me on TV there in Maranhao she'll know that her son is still one of the honest people in the world," he said.

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