Brazil's Largest Gang Plans to Attack World Cup

The threat is being taken extremely seriously by authorities, who are tracking the threats. In 2012, the PCC murdered 106 members of the Military Police in retaliation for the execution of suspected gang members by police officers.

Despite this, law enforcement officials said it’s unlikely the threat will affect the World Cup in 2014, and said it shouldn’t deter any visitors from traveling to the country.

“It is a group that should be taken seriously and be fought like any criminal organization,” Sao Paulo’s public security officer said in a statement, “However, the information gathered so far by intelligence services does not point to any indication that any attack will occur. This is not the time to generate alarmism.” 

This is one of many setbacks that have faced the country’s preparations for the World Cup. Brazil has promised FIFA that it will build 12 new World Cup stadiums before the games open in June of 2014, but six have yet to be completed. Another five stadiums are only 90% finished.

Additionally, a nationwide movement against government spending has loomed over the country, which is spending an estimated $14 billion to host the World Cup. Critics say the preparations are benefiting the rich at the expense of the country’s poor.

“It’s a bittersweet things,” said Larry Bims, director of the Council of Hemispheric Affairs, “They are trying to do decades worth of work in a year’s time.”