WATCH: Boy Bursts into Tears When Electricity Finally Returns to His Home in Puerto Rico


It’s been about three months since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico causing more than half of the island to lose power. Despite relief efforts there are still many people who are living without electricity.

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After 72 days, on Friday December 8th, a mom captured the moment her nine-year-old son realized the electricity had finally returned to their home. Nathaniel De Jesús Martínez, could not contain his excitement and immediately began crying when he noticed the time on the clock had turned back on on his kitchen stove. Before his mom, Nayoka Martínez, could break the news he ran over to point at it and cried out, “Mami llego la luz!” (“Mommy the electricity returned!”)

When Orgullo Boricua WOB TV spoke to Martínez, she said she wanted to record his reaction to show his father but she never expected for him to burst out crying. She was hesitant to share the video at first but she said a lot of people felt hopeful when watching it. It’s a heartwarming video spreading hope for those who still do not have electricity in their home.

When asked what’s the thing he missed the most while he did not have elecricity? Nathaniel said, “the hot water.”

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Nathaniel’s powerful message to children who still are living in the dark is to “have faith.”