Bop the Bigot Game Gives You a Chance to Hit Donald Trump With a Chancla

'Bop the Bigot' Game Gives You A Chance to Hit Trump With a Chancla
Bazta Arapio

Every Latino’s dream has just come true: you can now hit Donald Trump over the head with a chancla.

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The magic happened when Bazta Arapio, a group of Arizona activists working to prevent a Trump presidency and the re-election of controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio, connected with game developer Kojo Kumah and illustrator Matthew Moss of Touch Touch Studio.

Through Bop the Bigot, players have the opportunity to smack Trump as well as Arpaio and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

“The chancla takes everybody back to when you weren’t acting right so your grandma would take care of you,” said Carlos Garcia, leader of the Bazta Arpaio efforts. “It’s something connected to our childhood, but it’s something that comes out when things are serious, everyone knows what a flying chancla is.”

Bazta Arpaio is comprised of 100 people taking on two birds with one stone: Trump and a problematic local sheriff. Their actions consist of knocking on doors, phone banking and planning rallies and events in Maricopa County in preparation for Election Day.

“We hope this gives people a fun outlet for the frustration and anger these candidates’ racism causes and that it motivates them to get out to the polls on Election Day,” Bazta Arpaio spokesman B. Loewe said.

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If you have some anger you need to get out today, be sure to check the game out here