Bolivian Rapists Have Been Convicted, Yet the Crimes Continue

The victims range in age from three to 65 -- all girls and women whom were married, single, residents, visitors and mentally ill. Residents privately told Vice that men and boys had been raped, too. There were a total of 130 victims.

The rapists -- a group of nine Manitoba men ages 19 to 43 -- were each sentenced to 25 years and the veterinarian who supplied the anesthetic spray was sentenced to 12 years.

But although these men are now in jail, the crimes appear to still be carried on. How? Through form of incest.

A young Manitoba woman named Agnes Klassen told Vice that she had been touched inappropriately by several of her eight brothers while growing up. Klassen said she never realized this was wrong until her father gave one of her brothers a beating when he found him touching her.

“My mother could never find the words to tell me that I was being wronged or that it was not my fault,” she told Vice.

But even after a beating from their father, Klassen was raped by that same brother.

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