Bolivian Rapists Have Been Convicted, Yet the Crimes Continue

For several years, residents of Bolivia's Manitoba Colony could not explain what was going when it came to the raping of their women.

There was no explanation as to how a woman could wake up with blood and semen stains across her sheets and have no memory of that night. Nor could anyone explain how some would go to sleep wearing clothes and wake up completely naked, covered in dirty fingerprints.

According to Vice, it wasn't until one night in June 2009 when two men were caught sneaking in to someone's home, that residents of Manitoba Colony knew that actual rapists -- and not some sort of demons or ghosts -- were prowling their area and violating the women.

During the men's trial in 2011, full details of the crime came to light. The rapists used a spray created by a veterinarian from a neighboring Mennonite community which had been adapted from a chemical used to anesthetize cows. They would spray the substance through the screens of the house to drug entire families, and then crawl inside the home to commence the raping.

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