Horrific: Body Parts Wash Up by Rio's Olympic Beach Volleyball Site

Horrific: Body Parts Wash Up By Rio's Olympic Beach Volleyball Site

If things weren't looking bad enough for Rio leading up to the Olympics this August, this surely doesn't help matters.

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A beach-goer found human body parts right by the Olympic Beach Volleyball Arena on Rio's famous Copacabana Beach. 

According to CNN, a dismembered foot and another unidentified body parts were found. Military police officer, Andre Luiz, said he thinks that the victim was a young adult or a woman. The cause of death of the person is still unknown.

Between the country's financial issues and the Zika outbreak, this is just another unfortunate event in Rio's road to the Olympics. The state has experienced a lot of backlash from natives who have expressed that they don't feel like their government should be putting state money towards the games. There have been protests from law enforcement officials who haven't been paid and warn that they don't have properly functioning hospitals.

Several people held up a banner at the airport saying, "Welcome to hell. Police and firefighters don't get paid, whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe."

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Hopefully this is a wakeup call for Brazil's government to do what they can to help Rio piece itself back together in time for the Olympics — and for the sake of the state itself.