Virginia Republican Rep Fighting Against Any "Special Pathway" to Citizenship

“Even if it doesn’t go all the way through to be signed by this president — because I have a hard time, like you do, envisioning him signing some of those things — it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least show the American people that we are interested in solving this very serious problem that we have in our country,” Goodlatte said.

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman said he will do everything and anything to make sure the House does not take up the Senate immigration bill passed in July, which includes a pathway to citizenship.

"The folks who want to have a path to citizenship have held everything else hostage,” he said. “Now we want to say, ‘Look we understand what you want but we think a legal status in the United States but not a special path to citizenship might be appropriate.’”

As chair, Goodlatte oversees all immigration bills. The House Republican said they will proceed with individual immigration bills upon legislators' return from the August recess.