Benjamin Bratt Talks Street Cred, Family, And Latinos In The Media

Benjamin Bratt spilled the details about his upcoming movie, his family life, and his frustration with Latino representation in media. 

The former star of Law & Order spoke to NBC Latino about how his acting career has boosted his son’s “street cred” in the schoolyard.

“Most dads of eight and eleven-year-olds don’t get any credit whatsoever – they’re to be avoided like the plague,” he joked, “But when his friends recognize me because of movies like Cloudy 2, that’s fun.”

The Peruvian-American actor, who recently starred in Modern Family and Despicable Me 2, is making a return to the family-oriented movies his son’s friends enjoy. He’ll be resuming his role as Manny in the sequel to the 2009 film Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

As a viewer, I fell in love with the band of merry misfits,” he said, “And the chance to get on that ride again was the big draw.” 

Bratt also gave fans a sneak peek at the upcoming film: “Fans will find [Manny] more talkative this time around. He’s not a chatterbox by anyone’s definition but he says more -- you’ll just have to see!” 

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