Beauty Queens Become Drug Cartel Trophy Wives

In Latin America, the idea of a trophy wife is not quite what you might expect it to be. Beauty queens have become the wife of choice for the dons of competing drug cartels.

According to The Huffington Post, beauty queens have become the ultimate prize for drug traffickers. The practice began in Colombia in the 1970s with Miss Colombia 1974 Martha Lucia Echeverry. Echeverry was the mistress of the head of the Cali cartel and is considered the first "narco woman."

From that point on, this tradition continued in Colombia and more recently began to take off in Mexico. For many narco beauty queens (as they're often referred to), the idea of living a luxurious lifestyle and having access to tons of money lures them into wanting to associate with these cartels.

But for others, the choice isn't there. They come from families with alleged ties to the drug business and are groomed to become beauty queen cartel wives.