Beauty Queens Become Drug Cartel Trophy Wives

Often, these beauty queens, sadly, meet a tragic fate. They meet an early death either by gunfire in violent shoot-outs related to territorial gang wars, or by soldiers used to fight narco-trafficking. Many of these trophy wives and girlfriends are even used as human shields to protect their trafficker beaus when the police on soldiers come after them.

The Huffington Post reports that narco beauty queens are also involved in human trafficking and cocaine transshipment. According to a press report, in Colombia, more than almost all beauty competitions are infiltrated by drug cartels. Beauty queens have also become part of the collateral exports that come with cocaine trade.

What distinguishes these women from other victims of violence is that they are often cut down not by their partners but by other competing gangs, or by the police.

On the other end of the spectrum are beauty queens who are married to the mob and are known to enable other criminal activities, making them not always seem as the victims. They are perpetrators of crimes that include kidnapping, torture and even murder.