President Obama Meets with Families & Survivors of the Orlando Shooting

President Obama Visits Orlando, Meets with Families and Survivors of the Shooting
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President Barack Obama arrived in Orlando today and met with family members of the victims killed as well as survivors and other members who witnessed Sunday’s shooting at Pulse nightclub.

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The president expressed his condolences to people affected by this heartbreaking massacre. He was joined by Vice President Joe Biden and other lawmakers including Senator Marco Rubio. They were greeted by Governor Rick Scott and greeted Mayor Buddy Dyer.

“Our hearts are broken, too,” Obama told the families. “We stand with you.”

Earlier that day, Obama and Biden visited the makeshift memorial at Phillips Center, where they laid 49 roses—one for each of the victims killed in the shooting.

During the visit, Obama also expressed his disappointment with gun control opponents for not believing that stricture procedures need to be enforce for obtaining a weapon.

“Those who were killed and injured here were gunned down by a single killer with a powerful assault weapon,” said Obama. “The motives of this killer may have been different than the mass killers in Aurora, or Newtown. But the instruments of death were so similar. Now another 49 innocent people are dead. Another 53 are injured. Some are still fighting for their lives.”

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He’s urging for the Senate to have “a change of heart” and “save some lives.”

“We can’t anticipate or catch every single deranged person," the president continued.  “But we can do something about the amount of damage that they do. Those who defend the easy accessibility of assault weapons should meet these families.”