Arizona Man Tries to Open Airplane Door in Midair!

An Arizona man was arrested after trying to open an emergency exit door exit during his flight from Alaska to Oregon on Monday. Alexander Michael Herrera, 23, set off an alarm on Flight 132 after pulling the door handle in the emergency-exit row, reports Fox News Latino. He was restrained and tied down with shoelaces before being handed over to police.

Passengers on the Alaska Airlines flight told authorities that Herrera made “unusual statements” before he attempted to open the emergency exit door. “The emergency door has two latches. He already had pulled the bottom latch, and his head was up against the baggage compartment. I put him in a choke hold and kind of went up over the seat a bit and brought him down to the ground,” said airline passenger Henry Pignataro.

Herrera was arrested and sent to a Portland jail on a charge of interfering with a flight crew.

His father, Bill Herrera, was interviewed by News 4 Tucson and said, “This sounds like a scary movie, a Sunday night movie, something you watch on TV,” he added, “No, why would he do that?”

Our thoughts exactly. What do you think about Herrera's actions?