Arizona Father Kills Wife and Daughter, Teenage Son Manages to Escape


A father-of-two beat his wife and teenage daughter to death and then attacked his teenage son with a hammer.

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According to, police arrested Hernando Enriquez, 44, for killing his wife Sandra, 44, and their daughter Isabelle, 15, last Friday afternoon.

The 17-year-old son told Tucson police he had been at school when his father called him to come home early. When he arrived at the house, Enriquez met him outside and said his mother and sister were playing games inside and needed help cleaning up. 

Once inside Enriquez grabbed a “large metal object” and struck his son on the head. During the vicious attack, he stabbed him while saying, “Just let me do what I need to do” and “I’m taking your mom and sister and I need to finish this,” according to a court document.

The young man managed to "wriggle out" and escape to a neighbor's house to call 911.

Police found the bodies of the wife and daughter hidden in the bathtub and the father laying face down on the ground with a large kitchen knife underneath him. When he refused to show his hands police tasered him.

Throughout his confrontation with officers, he reportedly mumbled: 'Just go ahead and kill me.'

Enriquez’s son told detectives his father had insomnia and was taking prescription medication and possibly over-the-counter medication to help him sleep. The son also said his father had recently suffered from depression.

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No motive has been established as of yet, his first appearance for a court is on Friday.