Argentinean Miracle Baby Found Alive After Spending 12 Hours in Morgue

A family in Argentina could breath a sigh of relief.

Analia Bouter gave birth to a premature baby who was pronounced dead 20 minutes after the birth, but was found alive in a morgue cooler 12 hours later. Several doctors declared the baby as a stillborn and approved for the infant to be sent directly to the morgue.

As Bouter and her husband, Favian Veron, opened the tiny coffin to bid their final goodbye and noticed that the baby was still breathing. Reportedly the trembling premature newborn also let out a terrifying cry, reports Today. Once they picked up the baby, Bouter said, “It was like carrying a bottle of ice.” The infant, who was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit, continues to show signs of improvement.

The parents have named their miracle baby, Luz Milagros.