Argentine Woman Cuts Off Her Lover’s Penis with Garden Scissors

A 26-year-old Argentine woman, Brenda Barattini, has been arrested after cutting off her lover’s penis. The victim, Sergio, a local reggae singer, claimed to have been in the middle of a sex game where he was blindfolded and attacked.

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Barattini’s lawyer, Carlos Nayi, stated that “there’s justification for what happened.” Nayi explained that when Sergio was let in the apartment he sexually assaulted Brattini.

However, Sergio’s lawyer, Eduardo Perez, argued that the couple has been seeing each other for several months and that the encounter was a “peaceful” one.

According to State Prosecutor, Bettina Croppi, confirmed that while he was in stable condition, “It’s very likely he’s lost the ability to father children.” Croppi also confirmed that the pair previously knew each other. It was also found that Barattini, an architect, had kept a notepad with details on ways to mutilate genitals.

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According to Metro the case is still under investigation as the motive is still unclear and as Barattini undergoes psychiatric evaluations and tests to determine if she was raped.