Born a boy, Argentinian "Trans Kid" Legally Recognized As A Girl

Luana’s mother said that her daughter was born with male genitalia and given a boy’s name, Manuel. At around 18-months, the child started expressing a female identity. For two years, Luana underwent psychiatric, psychological, and even neurological treatment. Finally, her family requested the formal gender change.

Luana and her family received the document on Wednesday in a ceremony presided by the government of Buenos Aires’ chief of staff, Alberto Pérez. The gender change was authorized by President Cristina Fernandez and the governor of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli.

“People think that this happens only to grown-up people, but all trans were children once,” said Mansilla. 

According to Argentinian newspaper Clarín, there have been 900 cases of identity change in the Province of Buenos Aires since a groundbreaking gender-identity law passed last year. Luana is the youngest to take advantage of the law. 

Her mother had words of advice for parents faced with a similar situation, “Parents need to listen to their children, they are who can best explain what they feel,” she said. “Do not be afraid.”