Born a boy, Argentinian "Trans Kid" Legally Recognized As A Girl

Little Luana was physically born a male, but always knew she was a girl. The government of Argentina agreed, and has granted her a new ID card with the word “female” in the gender box.

According to Fox News Latino, Luana and her twin brother are the children of Gabriela Mansilla, a single mother who decided to fight to change the birth certificate and other documentation that stated Luana is male. 

“The DNI gives you identity, respect...this is not a boy that wants to be a girl,” she told Pagina12. “She is a trans girl and has rights: to study, to play sports, go to a doctor and receive the treatment she needs.”

Mansilla said her daughter always identified as a girl. “She did not tell me ‘I want to be a girl.’ She told me, ‘I am a girl.’”

According to the Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA), this is the first case in the world in which a government authorizes a gender change to a minor without going to court. 

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