Argentina's President Not Invited to Margaret Thatcher's Funeral

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been snubbed from the late Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Reports have swirled all morning about Argentina’s president not receiving an invitation to the ceremony for Britain’s first female Prime Minister. The funeral is set to take place next week.

According to Reuters, the widely reported snub is “likely to deepen” a long-running dispute over the Falkland Islands. As we reported after Thatcher died this past Monday after a stroke, she led a war against Argentina over the Falklands Islands in 1982, after Buenos Aires claimed the land. Since the island’s discovery in the 16th century, tension about the true ownership of the island has remained between both countries.

It remains such an issue that Fernández has reportedly mounted a campaign to renegotiate the Falkland Island’s sovereignty, even lobbying the newly-elected Pope Francis (and her compatriot) on the issue.

An unnamed government source told Reuters that every country with whom Great Britain enjoys “normal” diplomatic relations was being invited to the funeral. But as far as Thatcher’s family goes, they had objected to the Argentinean president attending. “It's about adhering to her family's wishes,” the source added.

According to Prime Minister David Cameron, about 200 states, territories and international organizations are being invited to the funeral service.

Hector Timerman, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, played off the apparent snub recently to a local radio station.

“It does not matter to me to be invited to a place where I don't want to go,,” he said describing it as “another provocation.”

“The woman died, let the family mourn her in peace.”

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