Latina Sues Alexander McQueen For Racial Discrimination

A Latina saleswoman at a New York City Alexander McQueen store is suing the retailer for racial discrimination. 

According to Latino Rebels, Moselle Blanco claims her boss called her “burrito face”, “taco smoke”, and “Goya princess.”  

Blanco worked at the fashion designer’s flagship boutique in the Meatpacking District for over 10 years until she was fired in September 2012.

She claims her boss, retail sales manager Max Cantey, subjected her “to a persistent barrage of offensive comments based on her race and national origin.”

In one instance, he allegedly told her "she had greasy hands like a Mexican" and that he did not want his product to get messy. Blanco also claims Cantey falsely accused her of doing cocaine in the bathroom. 

In a statement made to the Huffington Post, the company wrote: “Alexander McQueen is committed to equality in the workplace, and we are proud of our diverse employee base. We take any allegations of this nature seriously and will always investigate them thoroughly, but we will not comment on individual cases.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first racial discrimination lawsuit the store has faced this year. In July, a security guard from Africa named Othman Ibela filed a similar suit, claiming he was subjected to taunting by sales clerks based on his race. The hostile relationship eventually led to his hospitalization for depression. Ibela also claimed that black customers were racially profiled by the employees. Other stores have faced similar allegations as well.

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