Alejandra Guzman Was Supposed to Be on the Plane With Jenni Rivera

Mexican pop-rock star Alejandra Guzman was invited to fly to Mexico City on the same private jet carrying Jenni Rivera, which tragically crashed, reports El Diario. Several journalists confirmed that La Diva de la Banda offered Alejandra to fly on her private jet in order for the two to perform together in Toluca. Alejandra stayed in Monterrey since she was never able to communicate with the late star.

“My heart hurts,” tweeted Alejandra. The 44-year-old singer battled a severe infection due to a plastic surgery procedure earlier this year. The medical malpractice left Alejandra hospitalized for two weeks back in August.

Now fans, family, and friends are grieving the loss of Jenni, her makeup artist Jacob Yebale, her lawyer Mario Macias, Gerardo N., and pilots Miguel Perez and Alessandro Torres. Pieces of the plane wreckage were found in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.