Aeroméxico Casting Call Says No Dark-Skinned Need Apply

Below is the statement from Todos Somos Aeroméxico (translated by Latino Rebels):

"Because I’ve been around for 30 years, ELEVEN THOUSAND DAYS OF MY LIFE, swallowing Mexican advertising. And outside of government program announcements, NGOs, “folkloric” tourism foundations about our ”our native cultures,” brown people do not exist.

In general, not only are indigenous people deleted (unless they appear in their traditional costumes), so are the brown middle-class, city dwellers and/or even those undeniably handsome ones who meet “western” or “mainstream” standards.

If your pantone [skin tone] reaches certain levels, either way, don’t come to the casting. So, the announcement of a brown Aeromexico family, yes, that would have been “weird” because no one in Mexico has ever seen that ever… in the media."

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