Aeroméxico Casting Call Says No Dark-Skinned Need Apply

Brace yourselves for this one because we were shocked, too!

Latino Rebels reports that Mexican airline, Aeroméxico, announced conducting a casting call that specifically states that anyone dark-skinned would not be allowed to audition. Wait, what?!

Maybe we shouldn't be that surprised considering recent events such as Marc Anthony being bashed on Twitter for singing "God Bless America," and Sebastien de la Cruz also facing Twitter hate after singing the National Anthem during the NBA finals this year.

Nevertheless, it's hard to believe that there is still so much discrimination in the world. Especially when it's coming from a company that should know Latinos come in all different shades.

The person who tweeted the announcement they received about the casting shared a statement via a blog post titled, Todos Somos Aeroméxico (We Are All Aeroméxico).

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