Adrienne Bailon Sounds Off on Donald Trump's 'Saturday Night Live' Gig

Adrienne Bailon is adding her voice to the critics railing against "Saturday Night Live" for having controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump host on Saturday.

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On Thursday’s episode of "The Real," the Puerto Rican-Ecuadorian co-host said that SNL’s Trump choice reveals a big bias.

"If I went on national television and said something like that about Caucasians, I can assure you no one would ever invite me back to SNL," Bailon, referring to Trump's racist and xenophobic rhetoric, said. "I probably wouldn't be allowed to do very much of anything. I’d probably be blacklisted."

Bailon also noted that the blame doesn’t fully fall on the variety show, either. SNL, she and her co-hosts remark, will only get the ratings they hope for with Trump as its host if there is an audience that tunes in.

"We need to do better as a society and pay attention to the things we tune into and what we applaud and what we're pushing," she said.

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Watch a short clip from the episode above.