WTF?! Adidas Misspells Colombia in New Ads

WTF?! Adidas Misspelled Colombia on New Ads

Looks like the folks at Adidas need to get hip to spell check.

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In their new advertisements starring Colombian soccer players James Rodríguez, Juan Cuadrado, Frank Fabra and Edwin Cardona, Adidas mispelled the country's name, emblazoning "Columbia" across each poster. 

Despite the country's name being spelled correctly on the Adidas online store, the mispelled copy still remains on their news site.

The advertisements are also up in Adidas stores, according to photos from angry customers that were posted to Twitter.

This is a particularly embarrassing mistake for the company due to their sponsorship of Colombia's team since, at least, 2011, as reported by Remezcla. Even former Colombia team member Faustino Asprilla took to Twitter to make note of the mess-up.

No word yet from Adidas on whether or not the advertisements will be fixed.

(h/t: Remezcla)