About a Third of Hispanics Will Speak Only English at Home by 2020

A new study has found that 34 percent of Hispanics will speak only English at home by 2020, up from 25 percent. The study, conducted by the Pew Research Center, also found that three-fourths of all Hispanics ages 5 and older speak Spanish, but that number is projected to fall to two-thirds by 2020.

While some argue that the language will follow the same pattern as many other immigrant-fueled, non-English languages, such as Italian, German and Polish (meaning a decline in actual language use, while a growth of those who identify themselves as Italian, German and Polish), others state that Spanish could be different.

A 2012 Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project report showed that 95 percent of Hispanic adults (including U.S.-born) said it's important to speak Spanish, and for future generations to do so.

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