Everything You Need to Know Thus Far About the Aaron Hernandez Case

"Here was have a guy who, man, it looks like had the world by the tail. He said to me he wanted to be a role model to the Hispanic community," Kraft told reporters during a 4-minute media session. "He said we'd given him a second chance, and I believed him. He was the most likable young man. This is all sad to me. Very sad.” 

Back in April, Hernandez had spoken to Extra TV's Maria Menounos about wanting to be a good role model for Latinos. "I just try to be a role model and when I see Hispanics who look up to me I try to lead them in the right direction," he said.

It seems as though many Patriots’ fans' thoughts are in tune with Kraft's. According to Fox News Latino, thousands of Patriots fans lined up outside the team's Gillette Stadium to give up the former player's No. 81 official jersey. It was part of a two-day opportunity through which fans who purchased a Hernandez jersey could exchange it for one of the team’s other players.