Everything You Need to Know Thus Far About the Aaron Hernandez Case

Quite a lot has happened since Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder in the death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd – but very few details have emerged about the case against him.

According to USA Today, prosecutors in the case involving the former New England Patriots tight end have provided no new information, including whether the Puerto Rican athlete was the one who pulled the trigger that killed Lloyd. The website also reports that most of the case documents have been sealed by court order until Tuesday afternoon.

Bristol Country (Mass.) District Attorney Samuel Sutter addressed reporters on the courthouse lawn on Monday afternoon after Ernest Wallace, the third suspect in the case, was arraigned.

“All we've done is charge Aaron Hernandez with murder,” Sutter said. “As far as the specifics about who was the shooter and who might have been a joint venturer, it's too early to say. The investigation is ongoing. There's a probable cause hearing (for Hernandez) scheduled for two weeks, and our case continues to grow.”