Family Of Aaron Hernandez’s Alleged Murder Accomplice Feels Betrayed

Elba Ortiz has come out of hiding to set the record straight.

Despite fearing for her safety, the mother of Carlos Ortiz, who is currently sitting in jail with his friend and former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez for an alleged role in murder of Odin Lloyd, has grown desperate to “tell people the truth.”

Speaking with USA Today at an undisclosed location, Elba Ortiz, along with her daughter Carmen, who translated her statements from Spanish to English, said she was concerned that Hernandez has turned on her son.

"I have a lot of emotion toward Aaron, because he was supposed to be our friend, Carlos' friend,” the mother said. "I'm trying to forgive him, but why did Aaron do this? We don't know. That's the question we want answered. Why did he include my son in this? You're supposed to be friends, why did you need to include my son?"

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