Will Aaron Hernandez Still Receive His $3.2 Million Signing Bonus While in Jail?

Aaron Hernandez in court

There's a chance Aaron Hernandez could forget seeing that hefty $3.2 million signing bonus.

According to reports by Fox News Latino, a lawyer for the families of the two men, who Hernandez allegedly gunned down while at a Boston nightclub in 2012, is filing a court order to prevent the former New England Patriots player from receiving his bonus.

"It's really a motion to prevent any further payments to be made by the New England Patriots to Mr. Hernandez pending any further action of the court," said attorney William Kennedy, according to Fox News Latino.

"What we're looking to do is preserve as much as we possibly can — any assets — for the satisfaction of the families of the two decedents."

The Patriots have reportedly already challenged Hernandez's right to be paid the $3.2 million contract bonus.