5 Things We Wish People Knew About Cinco de Mayo

We love and embrace the fact that Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture, but at the same time, it's sort of depressing how many people just go the "Drinko de Mayo" route!

We decided to put the question to our Facebook followers by asking how many of you actually celebrate this holiday and what you wish people knew about it. Here are the top five things you wish everyone knew about Cinco de Mayo

1. It is NOT Mexican Independence Day! This was the most popular complaint and we can see why. Mexico's independence day is actually celebrated in September, but many misguided party animals don their sombreros and throw back tequila on May 5 with the misguided notion that this is what they are toasting.

2. Cinco de Mayo is actually celebrated more here in the United States than it is in Mexico. The only region in Mexico that really goes all out for Cinco de Mayo is Puebla.

3. The margarita isn’t the "official drink" of anything. It's Cinco de Mayo not Drinko de Mayo! We're all for a good party and an excuse to celebrate but let's not get sloppy, OK?

4. Cinco de Mayo actually celebrates a historic battle at Puebla, Mexico. On the morning of May 5, 1862, four thousand Mexican soldiers defeated a contingent of the French army that had twice as many soldiers. It was a short-lived, but significant victory.

5. We're still excited for an excuse to celebrate and elevate Mexican culture here in the United States! But let's do it for all the right by educating ourselves and celebrating the spirit of the underdog and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and not just use it as an excuse to drink too much tequila.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! For a delicious recipe to celebrate with your family, click here.