22 People Are Left Injured After Another London Terrorist Attack

Stacey Harris/Geograph

London has been hit by a terrorist attack Friday morning, at approximately 8:20 am, and authorities have launched a manhunt to find the suspect. The homemade bomb loudly detonated during rush hour traffic, and although the device did not fully explode it injured 22 people.

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Most of the injuries were labeled as superficial burns-- or nothing life threatening. However, authorities quickly attributed the attack to terrorism and police are searching for the perpetrator.  The explosion at the District Line train at Parsons Green station was the fifth terrorist attack to shake Britain this year, following the Manchester attack in May and the London Bridge attack this past June. 

Eyewitness, Martin Adams reported to ABC News that the explosion occurred as the train was approaching the station; "I heard a loud bang and as I looked to my right, there was a flame, a fireball came through the carriage ... As the doors opened, people then began leaving the train straight away. I saw some flames coming from what I thought was a blue bag." Adams also says that there were no fatalities; "There were no casualties at all on the train. Everybody appeared to get off. There was nobody laying on the platform floor. I assessed that there were no serious casualties at that time."

President Trump has responded to the attacks, referring to the perpetrator as a "loser terrorist..."



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As soon as the attack occurred the surrounding area was evacuated as emergency personnel flooded the area. Parsons Green remains occupied only by investigative forces until further notice.


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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted today that in wake of this horrific attack security will be increased for New York City Transit; "Our thoughts are with our friends in #London this morning. Transit system security will be heightened today out of an abundance of caution."