19-Year-Old Raped a Teen While She Was Dying From an Overdose


A 19-year-old man from Washington state was arrested for rape, manslaughter, and homicide by a controlled substance on Thursday.

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Brian Roberto Varela allegedly raped Alyssa Mae Noceda, 18, in his mobile home as she was dying from a drug overdose. Valera told police that they had known each other for a few years and had been communicating on Snapchat.  

According to HeraldNet.com, he took photos of her unconscious body and sent them to his friends in a group text to brag about having had sex with her. “LOL I think she od’d, still breathing,” he wrote.

The images showed a semi-nude, unconscious young woman with swollen blue lips, according to court papers. One of the friends, Jayson Pepito said Varela texted, "I'm smashing her to pass the time" and, "She died having sex with me."

A man who shares the mobile home with Varela told the sheriff's deputies Valera said Noceda had snorted a line of crushed Percocet pills, a "dab" of liquid THC and passed out. Varela showed him the lifeless body in his bed on Sunday and said he needed help.

The roommate said he told Varela to call the police but instead the suspect went to work a double shift at a local Dairy Queen, according to the report.

At his shift in Dairy Queen, co-workers said he boasted about what happened, detailing how he had broken her legs to stuff her body in a black crate, which lead them to search for her on Facebook.

They read a frantic Facebook post from the missing teen's mother, leading the employees to call police early Tuesday morning, police say.

Early Tuesday, deputies from the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department swarmed Varela's mobile home in Martha Lake and found the body of 18-year-old Alyssa Mae Noceda stuffed into a black plastic bin. Noceda had been missing since she went to a party at the mobile home park on Saturday, her mother said on Facebook.

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The family has set up a Go Fund Me page