Heroic 11-Year-Old Boy Dies After Saving Friend from Frozen Pond in NY


On Tuesday afternoon an 11-year-old boy lost his life after rescuing his friend from a frozen pond in Queens, New York.

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According to the New York City Fire Department, Anthony Perez and his friend Juan Umpierrez, 12, were out in Forest Park on Myrtle Avenue after school when Umpierrez stepped about 50 feet into the frozen pond and fell in. Perez was on land and went in to save his friend but unfortunately fell into the freezing water while pulling his friend out.

Police officials told the NYPost, “He [Perez] was able to push him [Umpierrez] out to safety, but he fell through the ice and he couldn’t get out.”

Two rescuers rushed into the ice and broke the thin layer rapidly removing Perez from the icy water waded said FDNY Deputy Chief George Healy. However, when they got Perez to dry land, he wasn’t breathing, paramedics performed CPR and rushed him to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Two members are at the hospital being treated for hypothermia.

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Freezing temperatures like yesterday are the most dangerous.  "The ice is not safe, it's not going to support your weight, and it can have tragic consequences," said Healy.