11 People Killed During Baptism After Church Roof Collapses Due To Earthquake

On Tuesday, a baby's baptism turned deadly when the roof of a church collapsed following the powerful earthquake that struck Mexico CIty. 

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Eleven family members, including the 2-month-old being christened, were killed during the ceremony. Florencio, Fidela, Aurelia, Manuela, Maria de Jesus, Carmen, Samuel, Azucena, Feliciana, Susana and Elideth -  the two-month-old - were victims of the 7.1-magnitude quake that also took the lives of over 200 others. 

The girl's father, the priest and the priest's assistant were the only survivors of the horrific incident, the Archdiocese of Puebla said Wednesday. Four other minors were among the victims who died inside the church. 

"It was a scene of horror, sadness with most of the people inside the church dying," Lorenzo Sanchez, priest's assistant, told The Associated Press.

Those who survived were able to move toward the edges of the church before the roof collapsed. Unfortunately, the others didn't have sufficient time. "One of the things they taught us is to stick to the firm walls of our church, which is old and its structure a bit deteriorated," Sanchez explained. 

Once the ground stopped shaking, people were able to use the loudspeakers to call out for help. Nearby residents rushed to the scene with shovels to dig through the crumbling remains. After hours of digging, rescuers located the bodies of the 11 relatives and laid the bodies out on the street where the after party was meant to be held. 

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First responders through Mexico City have been in a race against time trying to find any sign of life in collapsed buildings. A primary school, located in the southern part of Mexico City, was brought down to rubbles trapping teachers and children. 25 bodies were recovered from the school - most being children. 

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