100-Year-Old Abuelita Finally Graduates From School!

An abuelita is now a graduate! According to MSN Now, 100-year-old Manuela Hernandez has finally graduated from elementary school.

Hernandez, who hails from Mexico’s Oaxaca state, had to drop out of school after just one year because her family needed additional support with chores.

In a sit-down video interview with Sky News, Hernandez talked about the time she had to drop out of school.

“I passed by the school many times, but I couldn’t be a student because my mother was very poor,” she said. “My parents did not insist on me studying. I wanted to go, but I couldn’t because my mother didn’t have the money. My uncle had put me in primary school, but in the following year, I could already wash and iron and they didn’t let me go, and they needed someone to work.”

Hernandez added that she was already seen as useful to her parents, so they didn’t send her to school.

According to MSN Now, Hernandez returned to her studies last October and is now planning on attending secondary school.

Such an inspirational story! Congrats to this wonderful Latina.