10 Workers Die in Bridge Collapse in Colombia


Ten construction workers doing drainage work on the partially-constructed Chirijara bridge in Colombia, a 1,500-foot-long structure, have been killed after the suspension bridge collapsed into a canyon.

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Nine laborers were killed at the scene on Monday and one passed away at a nearby hospital in Guayabetal municipality, about 60 miles outside from the capital Bogota.

Officials say 200 people were working on site with 75 on the side of the $2.5 billion bridge when it collapsed. However, only 20 workers were on the bridge when it collapsed, with most having lunch when the tragedy unfolded.

According to CNN the Colombian Civil Defense said in a statement, '"We are still working to verify the total number of people who were working at the time."

President Juan Manuel Santos has asked the country's infrastructure agency to visit the site and said in an official tweet: 'All my solidarity with relatives of the victims.'

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Footage from a news helicopter captures the bridge damage in the video above.