Where Are All the Hispanics?

The Democrats are looking for Latinos, the CIA is looking for Latinos, the Girl Scouts are looking for Latinos…the news this week has been full of stories of organizations that feel we are lacking in participation.

According to our Editorial Director, Galina Espinoza, the Democrats can’t find us because they aren’t paying enough attention to our core needs, including education reform and while we are loyal, that doesn’t mean we will blindly vote.

The Girl Scouts of America say that since Hispanics are a large part of the population they should be a large part of the Girl Scouts and are making a big push into predominantly Hispanic schools to gain members, according to USA Today. The article suggests that because Latinos didn’t grow up with the Girl Scouts, they don’t understand what they do, which is foster leadership in young girls.

We apparently aren’t participating in college athletics either—or athletic scholarships, according to DiverseEducation.com. Even though we are well represented in professional sports, there doesn’t seem to be enough incentive for Latinos to play college sports because they aren’t the best way to become professional in sports that Hispanics are typically successful in, like soccer, baseball and boxing.

And finally the CIA is looking for Hispanics not just to add Spanish speaking agents but because they “can’t afford a workplace that all looks the same,” according to U.S.News

One place we are, medical school! Hispanic enrollment in medical school saw a 1% overall increase.