WATCH: Was TV Azteca Reporter Ines Sainz Harassed at NFL Practice?

Ines Sainz, a sports reporter for Mexican TV Azteca is in the middle of a firestorm over allegations that she was sexually harassed during a Jets practice over the weekend. The beautiful reporter was at the practice to interview Mark Sanchez and apparently caused quite a stir when she showed up in the locker room.

I entered the locker room and there were some comments and some games," Sainz said. "A colleague came up to me to apologize for what was happening, for the things that were going on, since obviously they were making jokes about me."

Sainz admits that she was bombarded with catcalls and that both players and coaches acted childish when she arrived to the Jets' New Jersey training facility, but also firmly declared that she in no way felt threatened. Jets owner Woody Johnson personally called Ines to apologize for his teams antics and she accepted his apology.

Sainz was interviewed on Good Morning America today and told her side of the story.Watch the video below: