Watch: Shakira Advocates for Immigrants in Arizona

Shakira has been on a whirl-wind media tour recently, speaking out against the passage of the new immigration laws in Arizona, SB 1070. Although some saw her involvement as an affront since she is not a United States citizen, we think it makes sense that Shaki stepped up to the plate; she herself admitted while speaking to the mayor of Phoenix, "I have no papers here."

First, Shakira also spoke to Ryan Seacrest for his radio show on April 29th, talking about her impending visit to Phoenix, where mayor Phil Gordon is also in opposition to the law and plans to file a lawsuit. Here she explains why she is going out of her way to fight the passage of SB 1070:

After the visit to Arizona, Shakira spoke to Sanjay Gupta for CNN's Big 360 interview. She made an impassioned plea for undocumented women trying to shield themselves from abusive partners. Shaki explains how these women my have called police before, but are now too scared that they will be deported to rely on the law enforcement sworn to protect and serve:

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