WATCH: Meg Whitman Claims she "Stood Up Against the Arizona Law"

Meg Whitman, who earlier this month made a tequila-soaked confession that she couldn’t win California’s gubernatorial race without Latinos, is giving off another whiff of desperation. With just days left before elections, and seriously trailing Jerry Brown among Latinos in polls, she’s unleashed Spanish-language TV ads that make it look as if she’s been against Arizona’s SB1070 law. In the ad, a voice declares that “Meg Whitman stood up against the Arizona law. She stood by us.”

Except she didn't. This July, Whitman said that "states have got to be able to decide what is right for their state. So I would let the Arizona Law stand for Arizona.”  She also said that she would veto a similar law if she were California’s governor (in favor of penalizing employers of undocumented workers), but that doesn’t at all mean that she “stood by Latinos” on the Arizona issue. Couple that fact with the fact that Whitman opposes the DREAM Act and employed an undocumented maid who outed her as a horrible boss and Nov. 2 may be a long day for Whitman at the polls.

Here's the advertisement: