WATCH: 20-Year-old Woman is New Police Chief of Guadalupe, Mexico

Marisol Valles Garcia is one brave Latina. The 20-year-old criminology student and mother was hired just this week as the newest police chief of Guadalupe, Mexico—a farming town located just miles away from the border in a region that has been riddled by cartel violence and drug trafficking.

"I accepted [the job] because I liked the project and I want to collaborate and live with my people, my family, my community," she said during her first news conference. "I'm doing this for my people," Garcia continued. "This is not for me. I'm tired of all the drug violence."

Although many residents are hesitant to believe that a young woman her age could succeed where many seasoned veterans have failed, Garcia insists that her approach will be different. She intends to focus on preventing crime, not fighting the drug traffickers, since that is a job for the federal government. "The weapons we have are principles and values, which are the best weapons for prevention," Valles told CNN en Español. "Our work will be pure prevention. We are not going to be doing anything else other than prevention."

Watch the ABC World News report below: