Voto Latino: Rosario and Wilmer Get Political in Telenovela Spoof

Who ever thought telenovelas could be empowering? Apparently the folks at Voto Latino, who just launched a
four-part series of uber-melodramatic PSA's starring Wilmer Valderrama, Rosario Dawson, Mayte Garcia and others that are aimed at driving young Latinos to the voting booth. Although the ads play up all the classic novela stereotypes in a way that's arguably cringe-worthy, there's no question that they'll grab the attention of the 7 million Latinos ages 18-29 who now make up 18% of America's youth vote. In the first PSA, which debuted yesterday at as well as on, MySpace and YouTube, Valderrama and Dawson play amantes who kiss passionately and seal their love with an engagement ring, only to be torn apart when Rosario's jealous sister (Garcia) reveals that Valderrama hasn't registered to vote--no puede ser! Guess we'll find out whether Wilmer can get himself enfranchised in time to win back Rosario's heart when the rest of the series rolls be continued